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California Legal Document Assistant #199, San Diego County Registration,

exp 2/4/24

California Notary Public Commission #2194046

Robin Benay Rosenzweig

Legal Document Assistant - Notary Public

I am a California native and have been immersed in the legal field for 25 years.  I became fascinated with the world of estate planning as a notary for a local San Diego estate planning business and developed a deep interest in helping clients create their estate plans as a lower cost alternative to hiring an expensive attorney. 

I am a registered Legal Document Assistant and notary. I help my clients create their personal estate plans to put their wishes in writing and protect their families and hard-earned assets from landing in the hands of the state. 

I cherish the time I spend working with my clients. Estate planning is a difficult subject for many, as it means facing the reality that someday we will no longer be here for our families and loved ones.  What makes me stand out is my true care and compassion.

*Robin Rosenzweig is a Registered Legal Document Assistant. I am not an attorney or financial advisor and therefore cannot give legal or financial advice or represent you in court*

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Robin Rosenzweig Estate Planning & Notary Services


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