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Why hire an LDA

What is a Legal Document Assistant & why choose an LDA and not an attorney?


A Legal Document Assistant is an experienced professional authorized under California law to provide support in preparing legal documents for consumers at their direction. An LDA is there to provide experienced support for a client handling their own legal matters without the high cost of an attorney.

On September 30, 1998 former Governor Pete Wilson signed California State Senate Bill SB1761, regulating the legal document preparation profession in the State of California, and creating a new formal title, Legal Document Assistant. Today, the legal document assistant profession is governed by Business and Professions Code Sections 6400 to 6415.

Legal Document Assistants must meet strict educational requirements and be registered and bonded in the county where their primary office is located. 

A Legal Document Assistant is not a lawyer and does not offer legal advice, discuss legal strategies, answer questions of a legal nature, select forms for the consumer, or appear in court on the consumer’s behalf.


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